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Are people the missing piece of your online puzzle?

Every year, businesses spend millions in online advertising to drive traffic to their websites, yet often have no online sales staff available to answer questions and close the deal. It’s like trying to have an amazing dining experience at a restaurant with no wait staff. 

Live Chat is a simple, affordable way to provide great customer service—and significantly increase your sales! Our short 2-hour training makes it fun and easy to learn the Live Chat skills, empowering you and your team to personally connect with customers, manage leads more efficiently, and increase sales of your products or services.

Connect with your customers.

See what pages your customers are viewing in real-time, how much time they spend on your site, what devices they’re using to access your website. You can then use this information to connect with them via chat, understand their needs, and serve them better.

The Live Chat Workshop covers

Chatting tone and tips
Tips 15%
How to use the Live Chat application features
Technical Training 70%
Questions and Answers
Q&A 15%

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Live Chat Training

You and your team will learn how to install and use the Free Live Chat by and will practice live chat techniques that will help you connect, support and sell to your website visitors.  

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  • Pricing includes a 2 hour training session for a single website with up to 5 users per website.
  • Training is provided online via Google Meet and requires Microsoft Edge or Chrome browsers to ensure a quality video call.

$88 USD

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100% Free Live Chat option

Includes licensing for your entire team

Learn about chat tone and tone-matching

Tips to improve your chat interactions

Use Desktop and Native Apps

Create triggers

Knowledgebase set up

Manage Contacts

User Real-time monitoring

Configure unlimited agents for your team or purchase agents

Ticket System

Use Canned Messages

Capture Leads

Paid options (Video, Branding, Paid Agents)

Integrations explained

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Why iSell Pro?

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There simply is no other live chat software that’s as affordable, convenient, and user friendly as This is why we love recommending it to our clients. The FREE version provides a wide range of great features, but the paid add-ons offer additional time saving features at a very reasonable cost. Unlike other chat softwares which require individual licensing, the license covers your entire team! And if your in-house staff resources are limited, no worries—a team member can manage your live chat for you!

Training is 100% optional, but highly recommended as it is critical to the success of any software adoption strategy. Equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need to take your business to the next level!  

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